The Timer Method YAY

OT Classmate FrenemyA and I have been on AIM a lot lately and I don't mean to like, obsessively post on her lately, but I really like the online social community examples – she is the main OT-related person I chat with online in real time –  like today she needed to do five progress notes on kids cuz of a group she lead today, and wasn't feeling the progress note mojo…so we used the good ol' timer method just to get her started and then she flew through it quickly and didn't even need the timer (she's a rebel at heart). Good way to work on things with people – breaking it down with a timer…and it works even online….timer can be used strictly for hard tasks or just as an initial motivator..

I think Richard Simmons and I should dance like ponies together…

FrenemyA (9:47:20 PM): I don't wanna do this

Karen (9:47:44 PM): we can do this together. you can do it. you are awesome. come on, pull up a kid. i bet you can finish a single kid in 10 minutes.

Karen (9:48:02 PM): when a task is too overwhelming to even start, break it down. we've done this before. Pick a kid. Let's do this

FrenemyA (9:59:29 PM): are you going to be on much longer

FrenemyA (9:59:47 PM): i would like to try and do 5 min per kid if I can stay focused.. Can you time me?

Karen (9:59:49 PM): yeah, if it will help you out i will be. i dont have to get up in morning

Karen (9:59:51 PM): yes of course

Karen (9:59:54 PM): let me grab my timer

FrenemyA (9:59:54 PM): start me

FrenemyA (9:59:56 PM): ok

Karen (10:00:39 PM): ok. i'm about to start you. do you have the first kid pulled up? and don't say IF you stay focused. you WILL stay focused

FrenemyA (10:00:57 PM): okie.. I have a kid pulled up!

Karen (10:01:06 PM): ok. ready get set GOOOOOOOOO

Karen (10:07:18 PM): time. ready to move on or want another 5

FrenemyA (10:07:28 PM): ugh.. need another 5 =( =(

Karen (10:07:38 PM): k no prob

Karen (10:07:39 PM): set

FrenemyA (10:08:19 PM): yeah

Karen (10:13:26 PM): ok time.

Karen (10:13:31 PM): ready to move on or are you wanting to finish this kid

FrenemyA (10:13:42 PM): I have moved on to the second kid..

Karen (10:13:55 PM): awesome, you timer rebel. i'm setting you a 10 min timer for second kid, that ok?

FrenemyA (10:14:06 PM): cool

Karen (10:14:10 PM): GO

Karen (10:19:31 PM): stop. More time, or next kid?

Karen (10:19:38 PM): whoah

Karen (10:19:39 PM): i lied

Karen (10:19:40 PM): that was 5 mins

Karen (10:19:44 PM): keep going

FrenemyA (10:19:46 PM): i was like crap

Karen (10:19:48 PM): ahahahhaa

Karen (10:19:50 PM): sorry go go go

FrenemyA (10:19:55 PM): i couldnt believe it was 10 min already

FrenemyA (10:19:58 PM): arghhahahahhahwa

FrenemyA (10:20:01 PM): jsdbfjkzxvbilsdfvbndvs

Karen (10:20:52 PM): ahahahahoafhoafhoeiheoihaohehai

Karen (10:20:54 PM): go go go go

Karen (10:26:18 PM): TIME. ready to move on?

Karen (10:26:22 PM): or want to finish second

FrenemyA (10:27:02 PM): okay.. fourth kid!!

FrenemyA (10:27:15 PM): ready?

Karen (10:28:23 PMWOW fourth kid. yeah ready GO

Karen (10:38:36 PM): TIME

Karen (10:38:42 PM): ready for fifth kid 10 mins? or?

FrenemyA (10:38:42 PM): k

FrenemyA (10:39:00 PM): I have finished everyone.. I am just going over their notes, making sure I hit all of the spots

Karen (10:39:04 PM): yayayayaayayayaya

Karen (10:39:08 PM): ok. 10 minute spot check. starting NOW

FrenemyA (10:44:46 PM): Okay, I've checked all of them and emailed them to her

Karen (10:44:51 PM): YAY!!!!

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