Therapeutic Cooking Experience Part 3..OTs rock

Go to Part 1 for the text explaining these pictures…I had to do it in three parts because Blogger is stingy with picture space per post. Basically this was a lab where we worked both as OTs and people with certain simulated disabilities, doing a group planning/shopping/cooking/eating experience together. I have no idea why this is blue and underlined but it is an accident so ignore it please.

Brooke makes pizza sideways where she has more support as a paraplegic
Our final yummy Mexican pizza and salad
Allison lovingly helps Emily make cinnamon bread
Virginia shows off her painful palms from using the walker in the grocery store
This is a picture of my OT Practice article since I had room for one more picture! Thanks all who commented or emailed on seeing it!

Remember to check below for Parts 1 and 2!

Feb 07, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2