Therapeutic Media Lab Marathon….

More therapeutic media sessions…this one was on sewing. Hardly any of us knew how to sew on a button, let alone use a sewing machine. Camiell and Marla taught this craft – Camiell is handy with a sewing machine because she went to a crazy private school that was sexist, according to her. AHAHAHAHA. Anyway, we made pretty bags for people to hang on walkers, I thought it was pretty fun! Here is the one I took home…I am going to keep it so I can remember the pattern for the future. My partner Meg and many of my classmates are giving theirs to a local assisted living facility to use as prizes for Bingo on Thursday nights (anyone in east Memphis want to help out with Bingos on the occasional Thursday night? Let me know…)

Here was another media session, this one on making mosaic coasters!
It was easier than I expected – I ended up cutting up a paper clip to make a snail. Because I’m insane.

Yet another media session (we had a lab marathon one afternoon). We got to make soap! I just threw a bunch of random crap into mine, it was fun….
And of course, the scary part….getting grades.

All of the crafts above were relatively low cost and easy to do (establishing competence), and would make great gifts. It’s a great feeling to make something for another person, which is another element of using it in a psychosocial setting…to establish feelings of accomplishment and value…etc etc.

And no, OTs don’t sit around and do crafts all day…we aren’t getting our master’s in soap/walker bags/mosaics….but we have to have a lot of tools in our arsenal, and crafts can be used as a MEDIUM to facilitate patient “growth”! So there. 😛

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