There's no "I" in TEAM…groupwork.

I’m the tiniest bit bummed that if my blog address does get put in OT Practice (it might not!), people will be finding it while I am on my mini summer break. I don’t start back in school again until early July, so I don’t necessarily have a lot to talk about that is truly OT-student related for the next few weeks.

We haven’t gotten our grades yet, which I am waiting eagerly for, but we are starting to get new syllabi posted on “Blackboard”. In one of our upcoming classes we will be taking wood-working, and we also need to find a ceramics class and a leather-working class on our own time. We also have about ten bazillion group projects. I’ll admit it, I find group projects tedious and frustrating. But I also know they are good for us, and that as an OT in Rehab, we are pretty much ALWAYS going to be involved in teams, so I guess we need the practice in working together.

When y’all were in school, did you have to do a ton of group projects? Or as educators now, do you assign a lot of group projects? What are your thoughts on it?

When I am in a group project with one other person who carries their weight, I can understand the value of a group project, because the work can kind of be cut in half. But once there are more than two people, and especially if there are four or five, I start to lose my understanding of the value, because it seems like everything gets inefficient. Perhaps I just need to learn better group skills. Maybe that’s the point of all this group work.

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