These are the letters that make OT worth it :)

Got this via email today…

   I guess the best way to start this email is by giving you some background info. I recently came across an occupational therapy students webpage of which you have your email address posted on. I suffered a spinal cord injury at the c1, c4, c5 and c6 levels in a snowboarding accident on December 22nd of this past year, just weeks after my 22nd birthday.
Ive recovered quite well, and without people like you who are interested in and love the field of occupational therapy, i dont think i would have progressed as far as  I have. Despite some fine motor and extension problems in one of my hands, the amount of progress ive made is fantastic, and much of that progress is becuase of poeple like you.
I just wanted to write and tell you my story, show you that what you do does make a difference and that we really appreciate you're love for OT and dedication to it.
Best wishes in your studies and your future endeavours,

Jul 15, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1