This makes me feel better….vibration mysteries

Comment left by OT Student Patti (and I second the comment that kids with autism LOVE wiggle pens):

Karen, OT sister…

I have never experienced a vibrating cow… but I do have another vibration story….

Soooo I run a group for kids with autism, and I carry a big suitcase for my group with tons of toys, crafts, whatever in it, including a container of vibrating pens (which the kids LOOOOVE!)…

So after the group I go home and unload the suitcase from my trunk and slam it on the sidewalk in front of my apartment… and of course one of the pens starts vibrating dramatically loud…

the neighbors walking by gave me such a horrible stare.

all i could say was “it's a pen, I swear!”.

They don't really talk to me anymore.

– Patti

Aug 07, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none

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