This post is really too random to have a title but it does say OT occasionally

I found this on some random website playing on Stumble. A guy in a wheelchair being crowd-surfed. 🙂

Day 1 of going Cookie-less.

8 to 10am: study for Management final
10am: Wait 30 mins for professor to deliver tests (whoopsiedoodles)
10:01: Crave cookies
1030 to 11: Take Management final, too many questions on budgets – AUGH!!!! Capital and operating budgets and gross revenue and stuff like that! I so don't want to be an OT manager if I have to do budgeting!
11:01 Crave cookies
11 to 1ish: Go to Soul Fish with Brooke to discuss stuff, then hang out with classmates
1 to 2:30: Go over SOAP notes with each other, listen to an article presentation, and most importantly and stressfully, PICKING OUR FINAL (Geriatric) LEVEL I FIELDWORKS! I was way down on the list and ended up with like my tenth million choice (we draw names and then that person gets to pick their choice)…I'll be at an Alzheimer's Day Care Center, with no OT 🙁 That kinda bums me out – I really want to learn valuable skills from an OT. Oh well, too late. Grrrr. It was really stressful and people were really irritated. It can be frustrating and we weren't given a lot of information in advance to help us be prepared to make our choices so it was kinda sucky. I really wanted some Xanax!!
231: Crave cookies, especially ones laced with Xanax. Note to self: call doc and see if I can order cookie-flavored xanax
3pm to 5pm: Go over SPSS and Excel to work on Sitting Tai Chi statistics with my research group + professor. Look at data and paired samples T-tests and ANOVAs until my brain revolts. Crave cookies. Meg hands me a granola bar to keep me from dying, thanks!
5pm to 1030pm: Crave cookies. Live in a fog. Watch American Idol. Discover about 10 new (to me) blogs written by mothers of chronically ill children, including a really neat series of “letters written to future physicians”. I love getting the point of view of clients – it's fascinating and insightful although often also heartbreaking. Blah blah blah. Basically do nothing productive because too tired. I've been in my giant foambag (like a gigantic beanbag) for like the last five hours, no lie. FATIGUE, YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 2 of Going Cookie-Less

Morning: Wait and hope fervently for my new cell phone to arrive via Fed-Ex. Get organized and get work done for Tai Chi, Well Elderly project, etc…be very productive in all matters. Crave cookies for breakfast.

Noon: Total Body Conditioning with OTS Allison and Emily and whoever else shows up (why are these classes always at lunch when I want to be eating?) Crave cookies for lunch. Allison has promised to slap me as needed.

Afternoon, in no particular order: Go to school to work on things, run some errands, take my friend Sarah to the mall (?), then go to BINGO night at an assisted living facility and be a volunteer! Woot woot! Crave cookies.

Evening: Cookie withdrawal begins to spread throughout my body. Agony shall commence.

As you can see we don't really have a lot of classes anymore…but between volunteering at two hospitals, working, school + homework + projects + meetings plus officer duties, plus working out, plus home maintenance and blah blah, being in group sessions with classmates, plus finding time for friends…I stay busy – but I usually LOVE it and know I am lucky to not have to worry about like, kids or husbands or anything. 🙂 I'm blessed! Yay!

My e-mail box has creeped up again to over 100 emails even though I was down to like 4 like two days ago. 🙁 I've received several really inspiring comments and I plan to respond and/or post them soon – I also have more posts in the works on more serious subjects beyond my daily schedule, I swear. Gotta get back to my OT-pondering ROOTS.

Friday/this weekend: Do some socializing, have class on therapeutic media, and work a lot on projects and cleaning and do some volunteering at both pediatric hospitals 🙂

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