So…when I don't write for even a day, I lose it all. Let's recap the very little I remember from Thurs/Friday.

1) Shower with man with dementia, aphasia. Learned the hard way about poo everywhere. And getting wet from the shower. And sweating from transfers. And being cursed at. “G*d-damnG*d-damnG*d-damnG*d-damnG*d-damnG*d-damnG*d-damnG*d-damnG*d-damnG*d-damnG*d-damn”. I was WORN out from that experience. But the nurse told me later he won't even shower for most people (and he curses a lot), so I was glad I did it I guess….good experience, but holy cow.

2) Dealing with monopolizers in group….the constant “Oooh let me tell a funny story”……

3) Lady with depression – more alert than most – always present for my groups – who told me at discharge (I walked past as she was waiting for husband to pick her up) that “You are a great occupational therapist. Remember you are not going to get 100% from these people, maybe even not 50%, but it's not you, it's them”. I thought that was a very insightful and interesting remark on her part…I really liked her. I tend to really like the older depressed ladies.

[I didn't think that was a good time to reiterate I was a student, lol]

Okay….now on to TODAY.

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