Tips to Incoming OT Students? Anything to add?

I was asked recently (by an enthusiastic Klaudia) if I had any updates to my “Tips to Incoming MOT Students”, seeing as how I wrote that in month into OT school and now I’ve been out for several years., and so I re-read it and decided….that first of all, wow, I wrote that in April of 2007, so this is five years later, zomg. 🙂 I feel crazy old. But you know what? All those tips are still true. I don’t think I have any new ones to add – the ones about being flexible and remembering the OT world is small (so watch the gossip) are probably the most valid. Anybody else have thoughts on the matter? New ones to add?

Apr 13, 2011 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none