Tomorrow OT Practice comes out….yayayayay with my OTS article….

YOU GUYS! Tomorrow is February 4th and when my article comes out in OT Practice, Reflections from the Heart column on the back page! Or at least it should be there, watch it be pre-empted by the death of some famous Slagle-lite! Nooo! Anyway, my blog address is at the bottom and I hope for new people visiting me. But that means lots of pressure to have the most perfect post EVER waiting for them. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what should I write tonight in preparation for this hopefully glorious day?

Maybe an acrostic for occupational therapy

O is for the first letter of OT
C is for how people with low vision need therapy
C is ditto look above
U is for the umbrella people need to come to OT when it's raining.

Hmm that isn't going so well.

Maybe a haiku? A video? A pictorial college? A love letter to a male Slagle? I dunno. Anybody with ideas, help me out here. Otherwise I'll have to think of something late night.

Yay for occupational therapy…..but not homework….of which I need to be doing….if I didn't have so many social events….late night I guess for me 🙂

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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