"Top 10 reasons I love being an occupational therapy student that (gasps for air) also has access to eye-opening fantastic disability blog carnivals!"

10. In no other field can I get a Master’s that not only includes classes in ceramics, leather working, woodworking, and craft media, but also involves cutting into cadavers and neurobiology!

9. I get to practice wheelchair wheelies and fall on my professor’s knee when I tilt too far back, thus ensuring he will one day need a knee replacement and then I can be his OT and thereby complete the circle of OT life.

8. I get to play/learn how to use button hooks, dressing sticks, splints to hold utensils, plate guards, etc. And then I get to learn that most clients prefer not to use them.

7. I learn a little about a lot of different diagnoses and issues and really get to address the holistic, client-centered practice that makes up OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY!

6. I realize, through experience and by reading disability blog carnivals, that my future clients have a whole other life besides the few hours a week I may see them in occupational therapy.

5. I realize, again via these blogs, that non-compliance has less to do with the client being stubborn and more to do with me not fully understanding their true needs.

4. I realize via these blogs that no matter how stereotypical a client may sound or look on the outside, there is often a hilarious, intelligent, and wonderful personality inside! I just need to look harder!

3. I discover that there is often times a fine line between hope and reality, and my job as an occupational therapist is to nurture this hope while retaining reality.

2. I realize that the best way to help my clients is to help them help themselves – making leaders, not followers.

1. I realize that as a future occupational therapist, I have the potential to help so many lives if only I can stay open-minded and compassionate and AWARE of how others feel, through any means of communication possible!


*Note: This was written for a disability blog carnival with the theme of “Top Ten Lists” being hosted by David at http://www.growingupwithadisability.blogspot.com/ and being posted on Thursday, August 23rd

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