Total Procrastination

Okay my brain is frazzled right now.
This morning we had a speaker come talk on home health. Fascinating as always. This afternoon we had a lesson on eating disorders and finished up our substance abuse chat. I'd like to write a post on how OTs can help with abuse/eating disorders/mental health in general, but it won't be today. After classes ended Camiell and Anna came over so we could work on making up a family history for a man with dementia and uses a walker. This will be given to another group. We have to fake modify two rooms in my house to handle a power wheelchair and bilateral upper extremity muscle weakness. Today we just measured all the walls in the affected rooms and will meet again Thursday to draw up the original floor plan. Then I started laundry, then my landlord called to show me what all to water for the next two weeks while they are out of town. This requires a LOT of time as they have a ton of plants, but I don't mind at all since they are so good to me. But I have to work in 3 hours and I still need to have dinner, shower, do a bunch of reading for class tomorrow, work on my Ruffini receptors presentation for tomorrow, organize the ton of stuff I printed out today, and just in general prep for tomorrow. So tons of things are swirling through my brain and it's hard to focus. It's also hard to get started. I feel like I've been on the go nonstop and I desperately want to rest my brain. Too bad there is no time for that!

I also want to spend more time on It seems like a great resource and they have some message boards. I'm hoping I can get back to it in the next day or two. Not to mention the newest disability blog carnival is going on (where a bunch of people write blog posts about disabilities and submit them to one area) and I want to read them too! Ryn Tales (see link on sidebar) has a link to it on her blog, in case anyone is interested.

So….yeah. Tomorrow we have class 8 to 5 but if I can just clear that hurdle, Thursday and Friday won't be that bad at all.

I am pretty sure I will only get about 4 hours sleep tonight at best. Gotta keep truckin'.

Maybe I'll write more clearly tomorrow.

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