Treatment Projects for Pediatrics Lab in OT school!

This short video shows OTS Julie explaining her treatment project..with bloopers.

We all had treatment projects to due based on fake case studies. I’m a little paranoid right now about copyright issues, so I don’t want to go into detail as to how the process went, in terms of first getting our case study to eventually making a treatment project…suffice to say it was a long process with multiple steps. Anyway, we had to do homemade projects. We all brought them in and presented them to each other (also via video to Chattanooga and vice versa) during a two hour session. There were a lot of really creative ideas.

I did a sensory/praxis board game for a child with dyspraxia…pictures and video soon…I’m proud of it. (See the red board game above)

Keep watching for more pictures and videos. In fact, don’t even go to bed tonight. Just refresh this page continuously for the next 12 hours and see if any pictures show up. Because Blogger is TOTALLY not cooperating but I hope to beat it into submission soon.

All videos shown with permission by the OTS stars.

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