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Lately I've gotten a lot of really supportive and sweet comments from people that let me know they are gaining something from my blog. That means a LOT to me, so thank you for taking the time to write. My roommate just got Internet, so I'm going to be able to write a little more….but not much more lol. I do want to write about some of the better treatment sessions I've had….like having hand patients do the American Sign Language Alphabet and Numbers 1-10 as part of their home exercise program to improve their fine motor/coordination….or having a hip patient (past precautions!!) do some stuff from a belly dancing DVD….or having a pt working on balance, endurance, etc, do some fencing with foam swords….or doing yoga poses for balance, endurance, etc….I think I do really well with younger pts (ie 20s or below) who need higher level work on things like balance and cognition….it's when you hand me someone who needs ranging and goniometry that I am like IS THIS PARALLEL TO THE LONGITITUDE AND IS THIS THE ANGLE AND DOES THIS LINE UP WITH THE THIRD METACARPAL AND HELP HOW DO I MEASURE CMC MOVEMENT AND AUGH.

But….I'm learning. In a typical day I may have patients with post polio syndrome (a lot of that here in comparison to other places!), a hand injury pt, an arthritis patient, muscular dystrophy patient, etc….except pretend I said that in person first language cuz I totally meant to. Ok I better go shower – just got back from a walk- then I'll come back to maybe blog in more depth or answer some reader emails or who knows what. I still need to complete the application for being an emerging leader through AOTA, that looks neat. And I couldnt take the PAMPCA course because its way overfilled :::sobs::: it makes me cry so much. Its hard to be an outpatient therapist and not be certified in modalities. Grrr.

Ok. Yeah. So. Thanks again for helpful and inspiring comments and I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH IN A NOT CREEPY WAY CONSIDERING I DONT KNOW ANY OF YOU IN REALITY….the end.

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