Tummyyyy-time…ok so I'm spent + 1. Now I'm seriously done.

Any advice for the awesomely awesome Libby who starts OT school soon? 😀 😀 😀

 I am enjoying reading about your ped's fieldwork! It got me thinking about OT and infancy. Before I start school in a month and a half–so super scary to think about, I am currently nannying for a wonderful family. One of the kiddos is eight months old. While “BOB” sits, rolls and thrashes his little body around, he generally hates “tummy-time”.
 As I was reading your post about a home visit you went on, I wondered if you had any words of advice for helping “BOB” achieve some more movement and strength? During tummy time, I sometimes prop his tummy on a boppy pillow and use a toy to motivate him to try and raise his lower and upper body. He has been more comfortable with tummy time, but I keep telling him his adorable, edible rolls on his legs (heck, even his ankles) are no excuse to continue to be a lazy guy.
 So ms. fancy-pants 2nd yr, do you have any advice on exercises that we can do together to help him get mobile?
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