Um, no………

Looking for ideas for senior groups by searching for fun groups in general …this Christian teen site had a weird idea of “fun”….yay vomit.

Milk Chug

This is fun, but ultimately disgusting. It is a good idea to get permission from the parents of students competing, as it will likely result in vomiting. So why is it on this list? Well, it really is a fun competition to do during a service. Have four or five students volunteer to compete during a youth service or activity. At the start of service give each student a gallon of milk. Throughout the service the students chug the milk to see who can finish the entire jug first. It is a good idea to have garbage cans on hand.

While all of these games can be fun, do you have more ideas you’d like to share. E-mail your ideas to your Christian Teens Guide. I’ll put them together in more articles to share with other youth groups!

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