Ummm comments I need help with?

Comments I don’t know what to do with exactly, lol…if you can help, please respond in the comments!: I’ve been asked about sending the PEO model out. Unfortunately that’s not something I can provide. Your schools should have access to it though, ask your professors.

From Sue: “

I like your blog and your willingness to share your OT experiences. I
have a congenital disability that causes me to use a motorized
wheelchair to ambulate. I drive though so it’s not so bad. I wrote a
self-help book, “Cope with Yor Disability: Don’t Fall Through the
Cracks.” I have been promoting it for awhile but it’s been slow cause I
don’t have a big name or big money backing me. My site is “Infobility” I’ve come up with many ideas to make life easier to manage. If you’re interested let me know.”

From Helen:

Dear Karen,

I just came across your web page. I am a final
year OT student in the University of Southampton (England) I am
currently researching for a dissertation project on the role of OT’s in
children’s hospice’s I was wondering if you had any information on it
or know of a good research article. I would be appreciative of any
information you have Kind Regards Helen
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