Ummmmm its 2am so this is going to be random

The last few days have been fun but busy. Including some time with friends, but also a lot of work on projects. We have had two lectures on low vision with an amazing and well-known low vision specialist in the region, Orli. She is from South Africa and has the most awesome accent. It can make learning about scotomas and hemianopsia almost fun. Well not quite. Low vision isn't my thing, but she's a great lecturer.

We also had a wonderful woman come in from the physical therapy department, who is from Puerto Rico, and she gave us a lecture on cultural issues in rehab from a Latino perspective. It refreshed my desire to do some Spanish immersion before becoming a real OT.

I've been struggling with extreme fatigue since the AOTA Conference. I've got all sorts of random medical issues and one of the things I struggle with is almost constant fatigue. Stressful or big events like traveling across the country make it worse, obviously. Although I guess I still usually do more in a day than some people do in three, even with fatigue, lol. Hmm. This is a big volunteer week. Yesterday I helped out with Assisted Living Bingo, tomorrow morning I'm holding babies at the pediatric hospital step-down ICU, Monday morning I'm headed to the other pediatric hospital to do WEE-FIM, and then sometime this week I want to get to the Alzheimer Day Center for a few hours, to go see all my new beloveds from fieldwork. Wednesday afternoon I meet a girl from my undergrad college who is interested in OT and wants to learn more. Thursday evening we have a big banquet and a bunch of us are being inducted into IHMOTEP or something weird like that, an honor society. The name is really weird to me.

I got off work at midnight and have been working on and off on the Tai Chi research paper…guess I need to get back to it.

I'm sorry I still haven't done my blog posts on AOTA Conference. I feel guilty. I've got it all prepped up to be written about, I just have to actually DO it. Since I got my house somewhat cleaned up today, I might make that tomorrow's goal. Cuz goals are important. OH AND PICTURES TOMORROW TOO…..

We're having a Miss OTPF Pageant next Thursday afternoon to put on YouTube for OT Month. Script is ready. I dare all y'all OT-related people to go make your own OT related videos to put up!

Ok ok ok ok ok back to research ::wails::

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