Ummmmm no title

This e-mailmade me happy!! I changed location/name…but thanks Jane Doe!!!!!!!!!!!!

“that stinks….I am sorry you got your car broken in to. I just thought I would try and cheer you up by letting you know how much I APPRECIATE your blog. It is AWESOME. I read it all the time (have been for the past year) I am an OT student in “Smithland”. just wanting to say thank you so much for all your hard work! You have helped so many of us and have been a great inspiration to your fellow national students! (I have sent out your blog link to all 48 in my class!!)MUch THANKS!!”
-“Jane Doe”  2nd year OTS

I'm packing for a trip to Nashville to see some friends, one of them is performing in a band on Halloween….leaving Friday right after work (hope hospital census drops dramatically over night lol) and coming back Sunday. Poor Lester the Lion Kitty will be so lonely but I'm having a friend check up on him.

Today went rather smoothly – I wasn't alone much –  I think we're slightly backtracking to where I'm with my supervisor a little more but doing a lot more of the work – because I was feeling pretty puny on things like bed mobility and all that!! I think I'm more or less still on schedule with objectives, though.

I might write a little bit more in a few minutes, about a few of the things I never thought I'd be doing!!

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