Update on CE article in OT Practice

I wrote the editor of OT Practice with my rants (a few posts down) about not mentioning the current OT community when writing about Web 2.0 tools. She and a few other AOTA employees and I have been in talks and we have determined a follow-up sort of article that looks at current OT community would be great, as the CE article really isn’t the place for that….I agree. My rant was therefore not that legitimate since it was a CE article and not a normal one, but hey, now there will be a cool article in the works hopefully. There are lots of angles to take so no real information yet, just waiting to hear, but hopefully I can at least help out! We’ll see what happens. Anyway. We had dinner at The Fish market last night with a view of the bay – right next to seaport village – as Kristina is finally in town. We sang beautiful songs to each other. The best one was about ovaries and I rhymed it with Madame Bovary which means I won. I also decided if I ever discover a species and get to name it, I’ll make sure it rhymes with orange.

Yesterday I gave my grandmother the MMSE – mini mental state exam – and am happy to report she is clear-minded. I also did most of the Tai Chi assessments we used on her, minus the physical ones, and her answers were interesting, with patterns similar to that of the study participants. Have to think about it for a while before discussing.

My sister spent the night at a friend’s and is going to a Muai Thai or some kind of fighting class at noon…then she and I can hang out in the afternoon and then spend night at Grandma’s….I’ve just been chilling out. I think I’m going to go cuddle with my kitties in bed and read for a while. I do have some OT posts to write but little incentive as I’m a lounge lizard couch potato. I better go outside and soak in some sun this afternoon!! When I try to suntan in the backyard the cats always lie on top of me and I’m so paranoid of getting like, tan lines in the shape of a cat’s tail! It could happen!

Okay that was maybe too much information. Okay here is more too much information – barring any odd circumstances, it looks like I will be graduating with a 4.0 at least in a didactic sense! Yay!

I get to spend a few days with NORMAL babies next week, a 3 month old and a 3 (?) year old. I’m going to think they are prodigies since I am so used to babies with severe developmental delays. The kids will like, clap their hands and hold their heads up or something, and I’ll be like OMG THEY ARE GENIUSES!

I miss my babies! And my old people! And everyone! But I’m happy to be here with my family and just relaxing with an ocean view is nothing to complain about. You can see tons of ocean just lying in bed! So that’s where I’m headed. PS: chips, real coke with real sugar from Mexico, and pineapple = great breakfast

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