update to the update: I am a magic sleuth, call me Sherlock

So I couldn't remember the air conditioner people my landlords use and have no way to get a hold of them as I said earlier, but the dude who worked for them had given me his cell phone number while flirting with me when he had previously checked my heater system around November. It turns out I had written his phone number down in my address book as “Heater Boy”. I called his number and while he totally didn't remember me  (thank God), I was asking him where he works now and if he worked somewhere else six months ago, etc. I was like  I am sorry for grilling you, it's nothing personal, I'm just trying to figure out who to call!  Luckily he didn't ask how I had his cell phone number yet not the main number. He was very nice and it turns out who he works for now is in fact who I needed to call. I called them and they are like little family operation and said they'd call me in the morning when the office opened. They asked if they could call my landlord and I told them they were in a remote mountainous area of Canada. She repeated that back to me incredulously and I guess her brother/owner heard that and said it was not a problem, he knows them very well. So that's my crazy story. You may be wondering, how is this applicable to OT school and why is this on an OT blog? Well, this blog is my student journey and that includes the fact that I have a life outside OT school that sometimes AFFECTS OT school, like when I desperately need to be here while a repairman comes for a vital household item yet I'm in school all day!  I e-mailed my professors to give them a heads-up and I'm hoping the repairman can come in the morning right away. I'd still have to miss a single class but it would be the first class I ever missed and it wouldn't involve missing a guest lecture. Phew. The End.

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