Updates from Pittsburgh!

So right now it looks like we'll be leaving Pittsburgh around 10pm and getting in around midnight-ish. Funnnnnnn!!!!!

THE GOOD NEWS IS!!! Holly Hendryx, OT Vice Chairperson, showed up for a 650 flight to Minneapolis, and so she and I got to talk a long time about random OT-related things!! She was great! Haha look at me sucking up! Just kidding, I'm just telling the truth. 🙂 Anyway…we're just chilling. Our desk-lady (I mean ticket agent, according to Cheryl) is pretty fun so she is nice, and Cheryl and I have already gotten ice cream. I want to put up video/pictures and look through my notes to share more about conclave, but I guess it will be at least tomorrow.

Luckily Monday-Wednesday won't be horrible days, so maybe I'll survive the next few weeks…for a while I wasn't sure! Let's see if I can answer some e-mails now…oh wait, new tangent

BTW, two University of Alabama, Birmingham girls were also going to be on our flight (OT students that is) but due to the delays they got re-routed elsewhere. It was odd because one of the two girls is a girl running for Communications and Advocacy (Shannon Lindsey(sp)) and I had been talking about her earlier with another UAB girl, so it's really a small world! Plus, an AOTA staff member asked me if Rosemary (one of our professors) was still at UT Memphis – she apparently used to work with him like 12 years ago. She is legendary apparently!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay Cheryl is curled up next to me in a chair and I swear I'm gonna catch up on e-mails. No more tangent until tomorrow, unless I am wired when I get home tonight.

Yay for occupational therapy, boo for airport delays!

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