Using the OTPF for an evaluation

Any therapists out there have a good idea/example of this (see below)? This is a question asked to my blog by an OT named Kathryn, and I just haven't gotten around to handling it because it would take me a while! I know the OT PRactice magazine often has OTPF documentation questions and I might research that later. But thought I'd throw the request out there for now.
I'll post any responses I get. THANKS!

Thank for the simple outline! I'm a seasoned O.T. (7 years), trying to understand and use the OTPF. Would you post an example of what you would write in an OTPF evaluation of an adult patient on one of your Level II fieldworks to demonstrate how we seasoned therapist can change our documentation to reflect all of the wonderful information attained from the patient using OTPF? This would help me understand how to apply it during my everyday practice. I've asked Level II students to do this for me in the past and they get scared thinking they need to following the way that I am used to documenting (which would be the old UT way). Help teach us seasoned therapists use the new organized way of OTPF. Thanks

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