Vestibular book – the Brain that Changes Itself

My friend Joey sent me an e-mail titled “Vestibular and brain plasticity” and I’m copy/pasting some of it! The book sounds great. Hope it’s at the public library!

“””””I read your post on Vestibular rehab and it piqued my interest. I’ve
been reading a book called ” The Brain that Changes Itself” by Norman
Doidge. It’s about brain plasticity and so far it is incredibly
interesting. Anyway, he begins the book by speaking of a woman named
Cheryl Schiltz who feels like she is perpetually falling, her
vestibular aparatus is not working because of gentamicin (a drug given
to her following surgery). Doidge then goes on to speak of Paul
Bach-y-Rita (a neurolgist who seems AMAZING). Bach-y-Rita and his
colleagues are trying to find a way to help her constant dizziness and
lack of balance. It’s a very interesting endeavor. She wears an odd
looking aparatus and has a small plastic strip which she puts under her
tongue. To make a long story short, Cheryl regains vestibular function
because of brain plasticity. I thought the story was amazing. And
makes me want to learn more about the brain!””””

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