Volunteering at the Alzheimers Day Center

I recently went back to volunteer at the place I did my Level I fieldwork for two weeks. Of course none of the participants “remembered” me in a “Hi where have you been?” kind of sense, but they were warm and friendly and knew somehow I wasn’t a stranger. I enjoyed walking around spending time with them. I also fell right back into “therapeutic fibs”, which tickle me. lol.

One sweet lady, let’s call her Julie, said to me:
Miss Julie: “I’m looking for my black pants. These ones I’m wearing are nice, but they aren’t mine.”

Me: I’ll go check for you, I’ll be right back. ::disappears, confirms those are in fact her only pants, comes back::

Me: Hi Miss Julie, I just checked on your pants. They are in the washing machine and should be ready soon.

Miss Julie: Oh my I hope they don’t get lost.

Me: Oh, it will be fine Miss Julie. They have a wonderful labeling system.

Miss Julie: Okay, great then, thanks.

May 01, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none