Wear tinfoil while you read this so your IQ doesn't drop…

It has been a pretty productive weekend…My scholarship application and FAFSA are done…my new phone came and is in use…blah blah blah. And I made decaf iced tea! I touched a pot, and turned on my stove, for the first time in about thirty years!! And by thirty years I mean months. Or weeks.

One of my goals today is to write ten thousand blog posts today to catch up on the last few weeks…it drives me crazy having things hanging over my head!! I look forward to putting those papers and/or e-mails related to blogging, away!! Oh sweet smooth tabletop devoid of paper!!! Seriously it may end up being like 10-20 mini posts. Insane, I know. You can skim or skip, don’t be overwhelmed.Ooh and I have a bunch of pictures to put up from our therapeutic media projects tooooo………..oh my, how lucky and wonderful…tears of joy spring like fountain water from my lacrimal glands….KIDDING KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m pretty sure that I may one day write the worst American novel EVER.

I most IMPORTANTLY need to work on my Well Elderly Project, Tai Chi research stuff, and a bunch of other assorted sundries if that is the right word. It makes me think of tomatoes. Anyway, I have some exciting news – I am an official AOTA Conference 2008 blogger!!!…at their blog of course, but I’ll link to it…I might write a post for that blogtoday too about getting prepared for AOTA Conference, who knows!!! Plus my fellow OT bloggers have been ACTIVE lately and I need to do some hollers/specific linking to some impressive posts…like congratulating Suhaila for being so close to graduation…YES…and giving Merrolee her much promised VARK posting…and praising Aishel for his amazing and thought-provoking posts as he navigates being an entry-level practitioner…

Well, I’m sitting here rambling this while watching girls in skin-colored leotards crawl like tigers (I wanna try to crawl like that, too bad my house is carpeted…) for Tyra Banks on that model show…and I’m pretty sure my IQ dropped about 50 points…so I better start focusing on OT work for a while!!

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