Week 1 down…day in a gero psych ward.

Inpatient Geriatric Psych Ward: Census: 6
Today I did:
Two 25-minute groups of 4-5 patients: 8 notes
Two evaluations: 2 notes
One ADM Placemat/Geriatric Depression Scale: 1 note
One ADM: 1 note –
One ACLS: 1 note –
Total: 13 notes.

Productivity units: 17 (20 is ideal minimum).

My supervisor also had her neuro day patients, so we actually got 32 units for the day since my productivity goes under her. I also semi helped do the travel task of the CPT, and a cooking task of scrambling eggs, with a neuro patient, to gain some experience with both the CPT and using cooking for treatment. My OT was present/helped with this as it was her patient. My OT does do fine motor tasks with patients like pegboards etc, but is otherwise the most occupation-based therapist I’ve seen – she does a lot of cooking tasks, making the bed, dressing, typing, etc.

My OT kept getting called away when joining me, so I did most things by myself. She was present as an observer/SLIGHT participant for my groups, and did the cordovan stitch for an ACLS. The rest? All me.

She signed those 13 notes at the end of the day – made a few suggestions and a few small changes, but not much.

I got there at 7:45am, left at 5:30pm as she signed my last note. I had a 15 minute lunch – ie heated up the lunch, ate it as quickly as I could. No other real breaks – maybe 2 minutes here and there.

In other words: on the last day of my FIRST week, I basically carried a full caseload by myself. Of course I bounced off ideas on my supervisor, asked questions, etc, but I’d say that’s a lot to do on week 1!!

Topics of my two Life Skills groups: First: identifying safety hazards around the house, how to remove them. 2nd: Somewhat of a stretch, but self-awareness – thinking about happy moments of the past and laughter, and what about the situation made it so happy, and what people could do now to help promote a positive mental state, ie be with friends, garden, etc.

One of my favorite moments of day:
Male patient with severe dementia: I don’t remember. I’m 88, you see.
Me: You don’t look a day over 87!
Patient: ::genuinely laughs:::

Also, one of my patients who was psychotic kept hearing things in his head…including calypso music! You try interpreting the word “calypso” from someone with dysarthria!!

Oh! And want to hear something funny???!! Apparently Johnny Cash’s sister, Joanne Cash, performs for the patients, ie mini concerts (meaning a microphone/CD, into the little room), which is so sweet. But I saw the lady downstairs beforehand and she has such funky hair (a la Cruella DeVil), I was like WHO is that. Well I found out soon, when the rec therapist brought her in. She was awesome. She sang a lot of gospel. Isn’t that the nicest thing? I think that is so wonderful and the patients loved it.

Week 1 down, 11 to go. I think I can handle it…

Sorry this is so disjointed…

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