Week 11, Day 1, Down the Drain, Thank Goodnessye

Yesterday was interesting and in the evening included live chicken trauma leading to the demise of a baby chicken named Fruitcake, a devastated teenager, 3 versions of Jamaican red pea soup, and spending night at Kerri's…earlier in day included a walk in park with funky turtles with friend, a yummy lunch with friend, a trip to Costco with friends, and finishing up Lester's whack groomy job…he is currently running around the house hiding behind things and making goose noises and meowing oddly.

#1 Highlight of day:

Alone with a six year old boy in a dark room lit only by a fake fish tank and lava lamp. Dancing with him to Soulja Boy – his request –  followed by Doodlebops Get on the Bus 🙂

#2: Screaming child.

#3: Another screaming child.

#4: A playful but painful bite from a little boy who had been threatening the entire session “to eat me up”. Friend Scott points out that at least he got a tactile/gustatory work out. LOL

#5: Screaming children.

#6: Getting smacked (by accident) in the face of a kid flinging balls. A kid who wasn't on the schedule but since transportation brought them, we couldn't just turn them away, and he and his mother both kind of scare us…a very odd family. Of course transportation left after she swore up and down they knew to wait, since we close – TECHNICALLY at 4:15 – although they walked in at around 4:10pm 🙁 So we didn't get to leave until 4:45pm, 30 minutes late, and we left them standing outside the closed clinic waiting for their transportation.

#7. Having a mother coo to her baby at the end of the session, “Let's go visit White Boy…you wanna go visit White boy? ” Us: White boy? Her: “Yeah. He yellow.”    Plus, throughout session (taking place in the dim light coming through the window of the living room since the lightbulbs still haven't been changed a week later) ), listening to mother and her friend heatedly discuss the shooting that took place last night involving some of their friends. And how the man who was shot, explaining to us: “He a good man. He didn't do no harm. His only thing is, he liked his wiminz. He didn't hunt no wiminz, he just liked his wiminz”.

#8: Mini heated issue over schedule issues and communication between old/new clinic – old clinic is frustrated with us not having schedule with us and having to call them to ask – but we are frustrated since A) schedule almost never prints out due to printing issues with network, B) we aren't in old clinic on Friday so latest we can print out Monday's schedule is Thursday, which if it doesn't work, then can't do, AND, a lot of changes get made last minute so, a good chance it's no longer valid…some issues with that.

#9. That's enough highlights. I got home a little before 6 and slept until 8:30pm. Watched Dr. Horrible, chatted online a bit. Now it's 1030 and I'm going to go back to bed, having done nothing productive at all, but still kinda frazzled and stressed and unhappy!

Tomorrow we don't have THAT many kids, I hope to do a lot of paperwork.

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