Week 3, Day 3 – Geriatric Inpatient

Today was Discharge planning groups, a few evals, etc. Got 19 units (20+ is ideal). Since I'm only in Week 3 I think it's ok.

Four short stories.

1) Geriatric Depression Scale with severely depressed lady. She has had some SI – suicidal ideations – and poignantly explained the problem that “my body wants to live, but my brain wants to die”….

2) Our guy we d/ced from OT for being too low level – brain injury issues – very adamantly and clearly wanted me to come over to him today (I was across the table from him, talking to another patient)- I tentatively did so – and he promptly pointed to my half-open pants zipper. His aide died laughing and I was like AHAHAHAHA noooooooooo. I thanked him of course and fixed myself up!!

3) Newest sentence creation during MMSE: “I want to be your friend forever”.

4) Discussing leisure activities during group, and new learning opportunities. Lady states she wants to learn to write more like doctors….I was like (thinking) hmm, working on making your handwriting MORE illegible, great idea. And yes, she literally meant the handwriting.

Okay…I'm back to being behind on things big time…online and off…I still haven't done Christmas cards to Norwegian friends/family, written thank you cards from Christmas, written some 3 or 4 month old blog entries (oopsies), and then of course I'm almost 200 emails behind. Maybe it's time to break it down and make some short term goals. For now I gotta go figure out what to do for group tomorrow. Love ya my blogging peeps


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