Week 3/12 of Phys Dys Level II rotation starts tomorrow….

Picture taken before going to April's wedding on Saturday night (April is now a full-fledged therapist, she was an OT student in class ahead of me).

Augh! Sundays overwhelm me! A whole new week to be scared! I'm about to start Week 3 of 12 of my phys dys rotation…I dread each and every day and the new challenges. Ugh. I just want to go to sleep and never have to wake up so I don't have to be scared!! Can I just sleep through the next 9 weeks please? Or maybe the next 3 months and 9 weeks so that I can get through all this fieldwork as a frightened student? Every time I see a kid  I just want to grab him and be like PLEASE LET ME WORK WITH YOU! NOT ALL THESE ADULTS! THESE FRIGHTENING ADULTS! PLEASE, KID!

Ok that was my melodramatic moment of the day, moving on.

I need to take some deep breaths and remind myself of the attitude readjustment I'm trying to have!! Trying to not be so hard on myself and to not be so scared and to just go with the flow!
Friday I did a treatment session with my supervisor and the Level I OT student watching me, it was a pretty basic session of just getting up and moving and doing ADLs (activities of daily life) like brushing teeth/grooming, working on standing endurance and bed mobility and all of that, with a woman who is deconditioned, but still…ugh. It's hard having someone judge your every move. I want the criticism, I accept and learn from the criticism, but that doesn't make it enjoyable! I have to remember that with each day, I gain new experience and knowledge, and that pretty soon, it won't be so scary. SO REMEMBER THAT KAREN! lol

I do have a lot to share and catch up on from an OT/blogging perspective, some neat stuff I've read on other OT blogs, getting to go to OT student April's wedding, my friend Doug coming back from England, some funny things patients have said, hearing stories about other OT student fieldworks…even some thoughts on some of the special needs remodeling that Extreme Makeover does on houses……. I'm also behind on e-mails and Facebook messages, but when I get this overwhelmed I don't feel like doing any of it! I think I'm going to go shower and breath deep and come back to try and deal with a few of these things!!! And I'm going to go see an attitude chiropractor to adjust me! Ha ha ha I crack me up! Like a chiropractor! Ha ha ha! That was funny too! Ha ha ha ha! Ok I'll stop now.

Ok…So…my goals for this week…which are repeats because they take time and effort and practice…..is….to be calm and confident. To speak slowly, clearly, and loudly. To not be so hard on myself. To try and ENJOY the experience instead of dreading it!!

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