Week Seven starts okay…

Today was a relatively good day considering the bad night! I met Keshell the speech therapist at 8am, we met Charlene the COTA at 830 in Olive Branch, MS and then headed down to a rural town for a visit with a blind baby – working on protective reactions, sensory stimulation, etc. Then we went and did a home visit outside with two little boys in another rural town – had a home-country-buffet for lunch, then back to normal clinic. In the afternoon, I worked exclusively on organization of stuff within the OT office, and the COTA saw a few kids. By around 330pmish I was feeling pretty bad  – I'm struggling with withdrawal from a medication – so it was good I didn't have kids and could just focus on typing up evals, organizing, etc. I got to leave on time – at 5pm – for the first time in like forever. Although I guess since I had to be there at 8am instead of 9, well, whatever, anyway, the day went smoothly.

Tomorrow we have two home visits in the morning in rural Miss – both blind babies – then the afternoon lots of kids are scheduled until 7pm – luckily the COTA sees most of them so I can continue to focus on organization – it will make life so much easier for the next 6 weeks to have things in order.

I rested with Lester the Lion Kitty – who is getting sweeter and braver – for a few hours after work, then met up with OT Allison and PT roommate Stephanie to walk gently on the track 45 minutes, since Stephanie and I both felt yucky…that helped enhance my mood and I subsequently came home around 830pm and cleaned for several hours….finally got Lester's litter box into the mudroom and kitchen in order and everything – the yuckier I feel mood wise, the cleaner my house is. Seeing as how I've wiped down all my walls etc, that tells ya I'm not feeling so great, LOL….now all I have left is my dishes, which are at least organized into soak mode…….so by tomorrow night my house will be cleaner than a whistle. Which, when you think about it, is weird, because whistles probably have lots of bacteria, and when you think about it some more, I think cleaner than a whistle is the wrong term anyway, so I guess it's ok if it doesn't make sense, so I guess I'll stop pondering that now.

Lester the Lion Kitty is sprawled out on my bed and it's 130am and I should probably go to sleep seeing as how I have to be up in less than six hours. I do have a few OT stories from others via blogs/e-mail to share, maybe tomorrow. 🙂

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