Did a group on stress (identification of symptoms, stress reduction) and one on relaxation. The tables in the day room – typically in one long arrangement like a feast – have been changed to more cafe style, so instead of sitting at head of table, I walked around the room. One of my patients asked if I used to be a schoolteacher and said I'd be good at it. That was really sweet I thought, since I definitely don't feel like I have any group skills.

One of my patients was in rare form today – bright and bushy tailed – one of her ideas for stress reduction was doing something fun – like catching a fish with your bare hands. And then she told us about how she did that once, lol.

I attempted two more times to do an evaluation on a man with serious aggression, but I didn't try too hard to rouse him because he gets aggressive quickly. I just needed to be able to document the attempt. I'm sure he won't get picked up, but have to keep documenting that I've tried.

I have two patients in another unit that need the KELS done – neither can or should be taken off the units for various reasons such as elopement risk so the CPT is out…so my OT suggested the KELS. She has a free spot in the morning so she'll do the first one and I can go off and do the second after…I'm sure I saw it done once in an OT school lab but it's been a long time, I've forgotten. I've now been in the Mood & Stress, Acute Adult, and Dual Diagnosis, beyond just the geriatric psych unit…so branching out, woot.

I have about 16 patients right now…not enough hours in the day to get all their short term goals met, let alone long term goals. I am hoping a few got discharged or will be discharged asap…about 5 of them apparently are all waiting placement but are otherwise stable.

Alright….tomorrow…two KELS…attempt eval again…hope there are no other evals lol…and then try to catch up on LACLS and MMSEs and ADMs….ADLs would be nice but take a lot of time so unlikely. And of course groups…..as a friend pointed out, only 58 to go….

Ummmmmmm………..maybe I'll do one on an AARP article about boosting “noodle” (brain) power…haven't done that one in a long time. And maybe a lifestyle habit one using bingo chips…asking wellness questions and if they answer yes they get a bingo chip…ie accumulation…….something along those lines. I don't hardly prepare for my groups anymore – most of them are repeats. I remember when I first started there I could not fathom just grabbing something in 2 seconds and then doing a group…but it's not that hard.

Rereading that paragraph it sounds like I don't try. I do spend a LOT of time looking up ideas/topics for groups…but in terms of sitting down and plotting it out, that hasn't been necessary…once I have the topic in mind – that is the hardest part – the rest is not hard. I've gotten books from the library on art therapy, spent hours searching the Internet, used some guided meditations, brought in my own relaxation CDs, etc. So I do try to think outside the box.

I saw the doctor today and changed medications. I'm weaning off one and starting two others…a little bit (okay a lot) more medication than I'd like. I think that when I swallowed my new pills this afternoon, I also swallowed some hope. This evening for the first time in a long time, I felt some mild energy/motivation. I got some paperwork done and cleaned out about 70+ emails…although of course have 220 to go. Not counting being about 100 Facebook msgs behind (many of which have to do with OT).  If this feeling of hope and motivation continues, I may actually get those Christmas thank you cards done this month…wow. lol.

Hey I had my midterm today. A lot of 2-s for need improvement, some 3s for good work, lol. I passed, that's all that matters. I don't think I've done any worse on this rotation than my others, this OT is just a tougher scorer!

Apparently there is an OT blogging carnival coming up…read about it today after seeing a comment about it. Will post on it later. And other stuff.

All y'all need to keep your fingers crossed that my hope, energy, and motivation, stay strong, so that I can get through this next 6 weeks with courage and grace, giving my best to my patients, my best to myself, my best to family and friends.

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