Weekend plans plus an inflammation of the blogging larynx

Quote of Day from friend Scott: “You need to teach me how to golf. its my occupation, so therapize it.”

Friday seminar:

Lots of low vision notes and ideas. Post coming on just that.

Saturday (today):

Morning: Nonexistant. Slept until past noon.

Afternoon: Landlords + OTS Virginia + Sarah + her dad all met Lester in afternoon. All loved him in his supreme ugliness and sweetness. Virginia suggests he looks like a Furby/Gremlin cross. Sarah busted me out an awesome 3-part watercolor for my empty Ikea frame, YAY.

Evening: Went to Sushi place for 14 year-old Patric's birthday party. (Long, long story on how I know them). Sat across from a six year-old. I was telling him a little bit about kids I work with, like a little boy who refuses to count to three and says one two six, etc, and at the end of the night he suggested I come over to his house and bring my friends, “like the little blind girl”. He told me a story that involved a lot of grumbling, apple trees, and magical needles. Quite the imagination.

Took Patric to get ice cream & meet Lester around 10pm. Then took him home and raided parent's CD closet!


  • Holding babies
  • Going to the lake with Christa + her friends
  • Grocery store/laundry/errands
  • Preparing for another crazy week…Week 8 of 12 I think…omg that means 2 out of 3 months!

Now it's 1am – burning CDs a few minutes then headed to bed.

Note: I may see schizophrenic a while when it comes to blogging “voice”. I'm struggling between my instinctive open rambunctious rambles, versus the calmer, closed, and more concise version that apparently most people want me to be. I'm being told by some to back off and be more professional and not write as much, others tell me not to lose my voice and stay true to myself . I don't know what to do (staying true to myself sounds nice), but I sure don't like being attacked. Probably aiming for the compromise of writing a minimum of information for entry, then having a link for people interested in boring the eyeballs out of their sockets and reading the excessive details.  We'll see what happens. I know I should be like wiping water off a duck's back or whatever that expression is and do what I want to do, but first I need super glue to repair the cracks in my armor…how many metaphors can we atrophy in a sentence…

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