Welcome to OT Land!

We have one school with an actual OT room out of our nine elementary schools. We call it OT land hence the picture. I also have a pic of my end of year paperwork. Plus a cool pool noodle creature my fellow OT made inspired by a Pinterest creation. And i forget the other picture (I am awkwardly doing this on my phone as I wait for my stitches to come out thanks to a little bout of basal something on my forehead bleh). I hope whatever that last picture is is self explanatory lol. Oh yeah. Just saw it. No not explanatory. The eyeballs on my lock at work have been there over a year now thanks due to the day I went eyeball bombing with a kid. Also I keep super fun key caps on my keys. My favorites are the monsters. The kids love them and it makes it so much easier and fun to find the right keys. Sometimes I give them to teachers as presents and they universally love them as do their students. Also the varying shapes of key caps (ie monsters vs cupcakes) could be used to help people with vision impairments to more easily distinguish between keys. 🙂

Jul 05, 2013 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1