What happens when a giant flying bug is in your room

A giant bug scared me so I’m self-soothing with blog pics.

My sad lonely car at 8pm in the parking lot. Notice the gigantic spiderweb in the lamp, kinda blurry in cell phone pic though
Handwriting without Tears Wet Dry Try App
Feeding hyperflex monster cheese
Thanks, Adapted PE teacher, Callie, for modeling our T-stool. I guess it looks rather alarming without context, but it’s essentially a normal stool on top, just with only one leg instead of 3 or 4 so you have to balance. 
Showing off the HandiWriter
The giant bug, HoneyBooBoo, that came to visit me tonight. :O Next to my bed. And it flies. 🙁
A child performing the VMI, I add the non-identifying picture to the child’s individual evaluation report. 
Handi Writer in action 
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