What is an FAOTA? (Fellow)

An FAOTA informally explains:

“It's not weird at all to ask about the FAOTA….it's sort of a mystery until
you ask!  Actually, the FAOTA is an honorary designation that basically
means the person has served the profession on a national level; typically
for an extended period of time.  (It's basically a “workhorse” designation!)  
For all you've put on the web, it looks like you're a workhorse, Karen!  The
FAOTA folks provide a lot of volunteer service on a national level; does
that sound like fun to you?  (I bet it does!)  I guess there's also an
expected level of quality there, too….  ie…it indicates quality and
quantity of service AOTA has a system of weighing services provided.  
Typically, individuals are nominated by submitting all sorts of information
on the service/experience of the person.  I don't know what the list looks
like these days, but when I was nominated, you'd get 1 point for every year
you reviewed proposals for annual conference, and a point for every national
task force, and a couple of points if you (suffered….lol) as the CHAIR of
a task force, etc….   So, there was a sort of RVU system used; total
points determined if you would be designated a Fellow. It is kind of fun to
meet others who are FAOTAs, because you know you are meeting someone who is
“sold out” to the service of the profession.

The best way to get involved is by hanging with people who are involved in
AOTA.  Watch the publications for opportunities to serve.   Let others who
are active in AOTA know about your willingness to serve.  Contact the chair
of the SIS you most have a heart for, and offer to serve.  Ohhhh….there's
lots to do!”
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