Wheelchair Lab and Wheelies

We had a wheelchair lab on Wednesday night, 3pm to 6pm. A wheelchair rep came out and talked to us about different wheelchairs, and then we had to practice advanced wheelchair skills like wheelies!

I was petrified – I have a huge fear of falling backward. We had partners tilting us back and then were supposed to try and mantain that position. I kept on leaning forward and pushing my legs out because I felt like I was going to tip. I did actually fall back and landed on my professor’s knee ahahahaa. I couldn’t imagine trying to teach people how to do that! I could do popups or whatever though, like when you move your arms so quickly on the wheels it actually causes the front wheels to come up slightly. The professor put out wooden beams for us to pop over, and I could handle that, but it was too scary to imagine trying to go up curbs that way!

It was certainly an eye-opening experience!

Aug 18, 2007 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1