Where you "smell like formaldehyde with glitter on your face…" – that's occupational therapy school for you.

I have lots to say just about the last two days, but no time. I still need to water plants, bleachify my air/conditioning room, take a shower, pay some bills, etc in the next two hours before I head out to watch roller derby with some friends. There's a possibility I'll blog tonight, but if not then for sure tomorrow. I especially want to discuss the NDT workshop! (stares at Patti)

So for today I'll just leave you with one of my favorite quotes summing up OT school. One of my professors said it last semester when we were doing a craft that involved glitter (for an activity analysis project), wearing our anatomy scrubs that by then smelled permanently of formaldehyde.

She said, “You know you're in OT school when you smell like formaldehyde and have glitter on your face…”

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