Why no, there are no birds in my hair…

Today was crazy hair day at one of my schools (I didn't know this
until I was already there and saw a kid with a blue mohawk in the
front office). The principal was wearing these massive, blatant, birds
in her hair. They were clips she had gotten from Michael's.

We had an important parent/teacher conference (hence the parent's
presence) and the principal left the meeting after a while. She had
sat there the entire time like a typical principal, nothing out of the
ordinary. Minus, of course, her crazy hair. Once she left, I leaned
over and said to the mom, “It's crazy hair day” and she looked
relieved and said 'I was wondering why she had birds in her hair, but
I wasn't going to say anything” ahahahahahahaha LOVE IT

Loooooove being an OT in an elementary school system! Love love love
it! 🙂 Especially now that we have two weeks of spring break. Time to
focus on finishing up my conference presentation for Indiana's AOTA
conference, taxes (barf), paperwork, e-mails, etc. A friend comes into
town on Thursday.

If you are going to conference, please let me know via comment or
e-mail! Would love to have you all come to our Saturday morning
session on social media and perhaps a get together for coffee/tea/me
(haha I laughed out loud at my own silly self) while there. I fly in
Friday night and leave Sunday mid-morning, SIX HUNDRED FREAKING
DOLLARS FOR MY TICKET. That's freaking dedication right there, love
you AOTA. I am kissing you, Centennial Vision. Cuddling you close. The
Centennial Vision and I are BFF. 🙂

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