Winner of our Magic Weighted Blanket Give a Way :)

Congratulations to Lesley P! I used a random number generator off and she was our winner of the magic weighted blanket giveaway!! Lesley, if you could please send me your e-mail address, I will pass it on Keith and he will help you pick out what you want! (Keith offered to give a blanket to a lucky reader via a give-a-way to promote his blankets).

Thanks all for writing in!  I will have a review of the magic weighted blanket soon – he also sent me one in exchange for an honest review. So far, so good – I have it at one of my schools and by next weekend will be ready to write a review after it being there a few weeks. 🙂 
I also need to write a guest entry for a site, post a contributing article from a site, and do some other reviews. I need to find where I put Tonya's super awesome writing charms she developed – off – I want to try those ASAP and I put them somewhere safe – too safe.
Have a good week all 🙂 I am at 25 new mails and under 200 old on my gmail (all related to blog), so it could be a lot worse, but still behind. My new thing is that  if you ask me a lot of questions, I think I'd rather try to answer them on the phone rather than write long e-mails. Also, would anybody be interested if I hosted the occasional chat on Google Plus? Let me know if so. ::crickets::
Sep 17, 2012 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 3