Women's World Wheelchair Basketball Championships!!

The women's WORLD wheelchair basketball tournament is here this week in Warm Springs, GA! Tonight at 6pm I watched Germany vs Netherlands and it was strangely reminiscent of the movie Murderball (quadriplegics etc playing rugby!). There was a lot of crashing. I stumbled across one of the players in the weight room tonight, ODDLY ENOUGH AN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST FROM CANADA!!!!! What are the odds. She was on the Stairmaster and was able to do 15 minutes (If I do 5 minutes I am elated) and I was like um, you play wheelchair basketball? She explained the point system to me and how she can, for example, do the stair climber and elliptical but can't do impact sports because of so many ACL tears she has had. She is considered high level and is assigned a high point ranking while others with less function are at a lower point ranking and somehow the combination of players on the court has to equal a certain number of points….by the way I've never seen so many young females with prosthetic legs in one place! Lots of chicks rambling around with double prostheses and stuff, and not the fake cosmetic ones but the sticks! One thing i love about this campus is how open and accepting it is to people with disabilities…

The teams here are Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, USA, Germany…..tomorrow night at 6pm is Mexico vs USA I think. CINCO DE MAYOOOOOO. There are games at 9am, 11am, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm, between these six world teams, every day meaning today, Weds, Thurs, Fri….

SATURDAY MORNING is the CHAMPIONSHIP game of world women wheelchair basketball 🙂 I am going to try and take my camera tomorrow and take some pics and maybe a little video for you all to see. VERY cool. Inspiring. Man those women had BUFF arms too. In June, we have the men world wheelchair basketball tournaments!!

They all stay at Camp Dream on Lake Dream which is part of our campus here at the Roosevelt Institute. It's a beautiful camp and extremely accessible, as it dates back to when President Franklin Roosevelt had this as a polio haven. For example, in the apartment I live in on campus, my toilet is so high I have to be on tiptoe and I have an arm rail and back rail and the bathroom is wide.

I GOT A CONFIDENTIAL comment on FB regarding my blog post on energy conservation and how it was helpful (confidential in that I won't explain details!) – glad to know it helped even one person.

I really really need to focus on pediatrics this week! More later, I'm sweaty (I just went down to the entrance of campus and back which is hilly and about a mile total) – I've been gluten free and very healthy more or less since Easter now, and my energy level has definitely done a lot better.

After my shower i may go peruse Jan Davis's Facebook page for more treatment tricks for my patients with strokes, and also look at a few books I brought home to look at about development of hand skills etc. I'm a dork….I love OT.

Hey, one of the PTs today took a patient – newly wheelchaired – down to the wheelchair basketball games going on today as part of her treatment session, I thought that was a great inspirational idea. 🙂


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