Wooie, too much stuff is going on

I remember a time this summer when I would have killed for good occupational therapy blogging material. Now I have so much I can't keep up!!

Sometimes it's hard to even figure out where to start with my workload , when things get this hectic!
Some of it's my own fault – the applications for TOTA/ASD are a time-killer and so is this blog, but at the same time those things are also very important to me, so I am willing to make sacrifices!

I think I'll start easy, just to get started – I'll do my two pages of journaling on Group session today as well as the Quilting Media Class, taught from across the state! Gotta work on VALPAR (group project), Biofeedback (different group project), my ASD/TOTA apps, blog entries (?), my Step 2 Treatment Case Project, Joshua Case Study (another group project), and Occupational Profile/Book Report tonight as well, plus eating, showering, burning a video DVD for a project for someone, and well, breathing.

Gotta keep on breathing. It's funny how one minute I'm overwhelmed and the next minute I'm okay with things!

Tomorrow we have neuro, then pathology, then a few random meetings, then a research meeting…then I'm going to work out because I haven't been doing a good job of it lately, and then continue to work my butt off.

I'm not the only one overwhelmed – all of us are the most stressed we have been! I am normally one to really balance my occupations and have a nice mix of fun/work every day of the week, but lately it's just work work work – I feel like I work all day, come home and work all night with brief/guilty breaks, and then go to sleep late, wake up exhausted, and repeat the cycle. I know it will improve soon, but MAN! It's hard!!

Okay. Now that I procrastinated by writing this up, I'm going to dive into work. Later on I'll take a break and do a few mini posts.

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