Woot woot

I was feeling a little guilty that I did absolutely nothing for fieldwork this weekend, so I got a little manic and went through my five massive boxes of art supplies – a lot of it is pure junk, like leftover pieces of ribbon, wire, bottle caps, etc. And I also went through my books, toys, and OT supplies. I grabbed out a chewy toy, some pencil grips, and a handwriting without tears crayon set that I got as samples from AOTA conference. I cut out some non-skid liner to put under puzzles, grabbed a few of my favorite kid books (like Animalia), and also put together a little clear jar that has an assortment of interesting things in it – marble rocks, tiny toys, puffy foamy things, feathers, etc. The things can be sorted by type, or color, or can be used for tactile things, or fine motor things, or cognitive things like shapes, colors, sizes, types…..and I also brought a tin to put things in and to have the child rattle it and guess what is inside. Oh that reminds me, I want to cut a hole in a shoebox to bring in to work on tactile discrimination. I also brought some stickers to use as reinforcements since we're running low on candy (primarily because employees eat it! LOL. That includes me too, boo bad me)…when I leave my present to my OT will probably include a large bag of candy, ahahahaha.

Anyway, I now feel like no matter who I have tomorrow morning, I will have stuff in my own personal OT bag to interest them…I'm feeling a little tired of all the things at the office even though I now I've barely touched the surface of possibilities there. OH yeah, I also brought in like 2 lb ankle weights to experiment with (like to put on the kids feet for extra proprioceptive input while working on a tabletop activity), a few small stuffed animals to use as assistants (since Mr Spider and Mr Horsie were big hits), and a magnetic tin set for my two little girls to do some fine motor stuff because it involves using small magnetic clothing to dress a magnetic girl.

YAY! I'm excited!!

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