Working :)

So the paperwork is going through and I have started shadowing (tomorrow will be my 5th full day), and I will have gone to four schools total. I start formal training Monday and my first “real” day is coming up in a few weeks. Lots of names and students to remember. I can never talk in much specifics about my job (beyond to say it’s in a school district) but I do hope to start blogging soon about school OT in general….as one of my blog readers (and one of my OT school heroes) Tonya said, tongue-in-cheek, she just can’t wait to hear about the french fry people I promised to talk about, haha.

I am EXHAUSTED – and tonight need to write up my notes from today (each day I end up with about 4 full pages of notes from that day’s school), plus prep a little for tomorrow’s training by a developmental optometrist. So I’m going. I hope this weekend to share a little of the tips/tricks I am learning!

SCHOOL TIP OF DAY: The OT I am shadowing mentioned this. Consider using those SillyBandz(sp?) – those little rubber oddly-shaped bracelets that are so popular, as a fidget tool for kids. They wear them anyway and are really popular and kids can “fidget” with them without drawing attention the way they might with say, a Tangle. (I do think Tangles can work for some kids though).

Mar 11, 2011 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2