wow, blogging massive fail

I have 158 new mails in my email box 🙁 that i havent even seen. Literally over a 100 + from blog readers that I have read but not yet responded to. Just okayed 15 comments today. I am a blog FAILURE lately. My personal life is a little different these days so I've not been home nearly as much! BUT this week I should be home quite a bit so I hope to get caught up on blog e-mails and product reviews….

This week I have a triennial and two initial OT evaluations, but actually my schedule isn't too horrible with evaluations/reports for a few weeks (for once) which is nice. 🙂 Normally it's pretty slammed and I'm frantically trying to get evaluations done in between treatment times etc. Lately I've been running to 3 schools a day. I know many districts have OTs that work in like, 10+ schools etc and they would scoff, but my district has a lot of high-powered parents/advocates so there is a LOT of extra work behind the scenes…

Anyway I wanted to share that I work with this adorable 5 year old who says things like “Wead my wips” for “Read my lips” and gets a lot of speech. But the other day I told him to pick out a crayon and he looks at me and says “They are CRAY-ONS not CROWNS” and I was like like….WOW. I just got corrected by a 5 year old in speech therapy!! Awesome!! hahahaa. It's true, for some reason I can NEVER say crayons, I always say crowns. (To me I'm saying crayons and it makes sense, but nobody else understands me)…but when I say crayon it sounds weird. The other word I can NEVER say: entrepreneur.

Hmm what else. The other day I told my little group of kids that call me Miss Awesomeness that we were going to do a craft involving tearing paper. A little boy looked at me and plaintatively said “This is just like torture.” (Actually he can't say his R's either so it was cuter than that). I was like “You guys want to see torture? We could do HANDWRITING!” ahahaha jk.

I've been using the game Rush Hour Jr. a lot with some kids who need work on visual spatial tasks but actually the biggest thing I notice with it is that it is a great tool for working on frustration…

I need to check Pinterest for some new ideas for FM stuff…

Blah blah, honestly I need to be working on a big report due tomorrow morning, but I really wanted to check in on my blog because I have been soooooo bad. 🙁 Sorry. Back to work.

Thanks for all the nice comments!!!

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