Wow I'm like dying from sleepiness

I took a THREE HOUR NAP today and it's 1020pm and I am tired! How crazy is that! I think I'm still sleep-deprived even with the occasional good night of sleep/nap because it's such a huge deficit.

I promise I will post something substantial in the next few days, hopefully tomorrow – it won't be that bad of a Friday – we have a neuro class, then we finish our toolboxes finally!! Then I'll work out. Then I'll finish my SPSS statistic labs and then I'll see friends and then I'll work 9 to midnight. And somewhere in there I'll probably blog!! Or web journal, as I like to call it since everybody correlates the words dork and blog. 🙁

That's ok, dorkiness is cool in my eyes. My newly black/squarey spectacled eyes.

Good night!

Aug 17, 2007 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none

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