Today I did the chart review for an evaluation all by myself, wrote up a progress note or two in SOAP format all by myself, helped out with a treatment session, etc…everything supervised/reviewed of course, but still! Yay!

We also – and by we I mean my supervisor – lol – gave a mini private crash course on a doctor who will be having a knee replacement and wanted some information.

Tomorrow we only have five patients unless some evals get scheduled overnight which I think is rather unlikely – we also have our first weekly meeting of strengths/areas of improvement/goals for my fieldwork. Hmm. I guess I should write that up quickly LOL.

Got an interesting e-mail I'll end up editing/posting about an OT student with similar fears in her upcoming fieldwork rotation about her confidence levels, not hurting people, etc. Glad to see I'm not alone in my fears. Appreciated her e-mail.

Lester is purring next to me and it's past midnight and I better prepare for tomorrow…which includes leaving work slightly early to go to a health professional networking thing at 3pm where I am representing OT at my undergrad college (homecoming weekend). Hmm, what do I wear?!!!

ANYWAY…………ok good night I'll stop chatting now lol

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