Just submitted final revisions on social community article to OT Practice editor based on her edit; now need to switch back to diversity/disability article with Kuma, he needs finalization pretty quick because he wants to use it at an upcoming conference. Also wanted to share a few links/things I read this weekend that I found interesting.

Today got to sit outside at young avenue deli with a friend for lunch, take a walk in midtown, go see that Burn After Reading movie (really funny, I loved Brad Pitt as the hyperactive gym instructor, except a little violent at times)…then met up with another friend to assist her on her college sociology project by going to a really ethnic Middle Eastern restaurant, then went to OTS Allison's dorm to help her finalize her SI powerpoint, then home again to work on articles…so…posting this and a few other things then back to second article…will be posting pictures/talking about the goodbye party, soon!

Tomorrow our new OT starts!

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