Yay fieldwork

Kerri is having a good fieldwork at a hospital in physical dysfunction!!! Some excerpts from her blog, sorry for the weird font.


This morning, I went in early (7 AM) (no outpt til 10) & tx on the floors!!! (in acute care in other words). Then, we had a full day in outpt care! I even got to make an outrigger splint for a pt – my first splint for a pt ever!!! It wasn't pretty but if you could have seen the guy's face when we put that on, it would have made your week! He was so excited to have a regained ability to open his hand to grasp things! He & I also got in a discussion about Wii games & how he could use his Wii at home to help with his rehab! It was awesome!

This is my last week as full time outpt. I will be floating next week between acute, NICU, & outpt (probably NICU & outpt mostly). I am superexcited to work with the itty bitty babies!! yayayayay!


finally – a full day of outpts!!

Yay! Finally, we saw patients in outpt all day. Recently, it's been like 10 scheduled and only 1 shows up…boring. My CI & I have hypothesized several reasons for this no-show phenomenon: 1. gas: prices are way too high & it's hard to justify coming to therapy when you live 60 mi away or something. as much as I love OT, not everyone has the same passion! LOL 2. holidays/vacations: ppl are in & out of town, busy, and have kids out of school to take care of. Therefore, therapy gets put (understandably) on the back-burner. 3. Ppl may not understand the benefits/importance of OT. So, we need to get the word out there that OT IS AWESOME & EVERYONE NEEDS A LITTLE OT!!

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