Yay for 3 hours of sleep before conference


130am:I'm sitting in my recliner, idly leafing through a geriatric supply catalog. Brooke is frantically printing out her well elderly project after having a comedy of errors with printers, and has driven 30 minutes to my house at 1230am to print them out, and has to come back in a few hours to pick Meg and I up at 615am to go to the airport.

Me: Awesome! They have swivel shower chairs for transferring!


Me: That was the dorkiest thing I've ever said.

Brooke: ::kinda snickers, in a panicked kinda way:::


So yeah, it's 130am, I'm about to jump in the shower, and I have to be up at 5:30ish, so if I'm lucky I'll have 3 hours of sleep, yay!  The good news is, I got a lot of my part of the Tai Chi paper better edited, spent some time with friends, cleaned, packed carefully but way too much, etc. Anyway. from now on blog posts will be from California. 🙂



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